Grey Hen is a small independent press which publishes poetry by older women, concentrating in the first instance on producing themed anthologies.  These showcase the particularity of women’s voices, and give less well-known poets the opportunity of having their work published alongside that of established writers.

The aim of the press is to collect  and share some of today’s exciting new work by older women; work that is perhaps not being taken up by mainstream publishers. For older women, it’s often the case that it is difficult to build up a publishing history in the expected way. Time is not on our side.

But though an older woman may not have years to play with before becoming an “overnight success”, she does have a special perspective – a lot of years and experience on which to reflect. Serious stuff – but again and again we find the sharpest of observations, leavened with a wicked sense of humour. Older women have a lot to say, and they say it with style!

Grey Hen Press
PO Box 269